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Today we’re in northeastern Pennsylvania visiting with Scott:

Growing up I had very little exposure to gardening, aside from my annual 2-3 week vacation to my fathers in southern Mississippi, where he had a small produce farm. For the past few years I’ve dabbled with putting a store bought tomato and/or pepper plant in my yard with very little effort which led to very little return.

In December of 2021 a switch flipped and I really upped my gardening game! Although my veggies weren’t as abundant as I would have liked, I grew flowers like it was my second job this year. My main goal for next year is to improvise my yields on vegetables, focusing on Tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and cucumbers!

sloped backyard with no plants

Every garden starts from somewhere… here a lot of nothing just beginning to turn into a garden.

newly built and mulched garden bed

Bed now prepped, mulched, edged, and ready for planting!

close up of annual flowers in the garden

Summer in the garden with flowers – here some snapdragons (Antirrhinum majus, annual)

close up of winter squash and plant growing up a wire trellis

A vibrant harvest of winter squash, with thriving cucumbers growing in a trellis and some corn and sunflowers (Helianthus annuus, annual) behind.

close up of nodding sunflower

A nodding sunflower bloom presides over the garden. It’ll provide food for many pollinators now, and seeds will feast on the seeds once they mature.

close up of Black-eyes Susans

Black-eyes Susans (Rudbeckia fulgida, Zone 3 – 9) blooming like crazy. A katydid seems to be enjoying the show as well.

plant stand with grow lights

Grow lights all ready to provide good homes for houseplants and start vegetables for the next year’s garden.

wooden trellis with pea shoots just emerging at the bottom

A view of promise for the future, pea shoots just beginning to push out of the soil, ready to grow up their waiting trellis and produce lots of tasty peas.

small Japanese maple in a bucket container in a bed of tulips

Spring-time view of the garden, with a potted Japanese maple (Acer palmatum, Zone 5 – 9) and tulips (Tulipa hybrids, Zone 3 – 8)

If you want to see more from Scott’s garden, check out his instragram: @nepa_garden_patch


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