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We’re back today in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, where Chris has, over the past few years, transformed his mostly empty yard into a lush, beautiful garden.

gardener standing next to tall sunflowersChris poses with his huge stand of sunflowers (Helianthus annuus, annual). These are so easy to grow, so beautiful, and so great for local wildlife.

backyard deck covered in potted plantsThere aren’t just plants in the garden—the deck is loaded down with containers as well! It looks like most of these will come inside for the winter and live as houseplants.

brick garden walkway lined with marigoldsBeautiful marigolds (Tagetes patula, annual) line the walkway. It’s hard to beat marigolds for easy color all summer long. They have no serious pests or diseases, are a North American native, are easy to grow from seed, and are just beautiful.

purple flowers next to brick walkwayFarther down the walk we see delicate clouds of purple petunias and a towering Datura (annual) with large, white, trumpet-shaped blooms.

densely planted gardens around brickwalkwayI love the way the tall rose bush and other plants make this path feel like a magical tunnel.

bird bath surrounded by flowersA birdbath is tucked in amid the abundant flowers. Birdbaths are enjoyed by birds, of course, but many other animals will drink out of them as well, including bees and other pollinators.

close up various pink flowersA study in pink, with a huge hardy hibiscus taking center stage

salamander on a large leafA cute little salamander checks out the garden. Amphibians such as salamanders and frogs are often very sensitive to pesticides, as they easily absorb chemicals through their skin. Seeing them thriving in a garden is a good sign that it is a safe place for native wildlife.

close up of orange and yellow marigolds in the gardenAnother look at the marigolds—such a great plant that asks for so little and gives so many flowers in return!


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