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January 04, 2024

Who says you can’t have colorful flowers in a woodsy shade garden? In Chanticleer’s shady Asian Woods, I spotted this floating bouquet of bright zinnias, dahlias, sunflowers, and hairy balls. Gorgeous!

This is Part 5 of my visit to Chanticleer during the Philadelphia Area Fling last September. I spotted the water bowl on the way to the restroom, which is disguised as a teahouse in the Asian Woods garden.

Inside, another beautiful bouquet greeted me beside the sink.

Green Adirondacks blend in with a stand of green bamboo.

A nearly overgrown stone stair leads down to a rustic stone patio and wooden bench overlooking a shallow creek — a shady hideaway.

Chanticleer doesn’t clutter up their gardens with plant labels, for which I’m grateful. Instead, they put laminated plant lists in artisan-crafted boxes, each one unique to its garden space. I particularly like the box in the Asian Woods.

That little hand latch!

The interior — utterly charming

The garden in late September is a study in green. According to Chanticleer’s website, Asian Woods peaks in spring, “when epimediums, fairybells, jack-in-the-pulpits, and primroses burst into bloom with the new shoots of hostas, irises, and Chinese gingers.”

The shade would be nice on a hot summer’s day too.

But for now, let’s pass on through and head toward the Pond Garden.

Up next: Chanticleer’s lush Pond Garden, a great blue heron’s fishing ground. For a look back at the Elevated Walkway, Serpentine, and Bulb Meadow at Chanticleer, click here.

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