Episode 156: Finding Design Inspiration with Jay Sifford Leave a comment

Jay Sifford is an award-winning landscape designer based in North Carolina. Several of his garden designs have been featured in Fine Gardening, including a one-of-a-kind modern meadow garden and a series of beautiful, functional dry creek beds.

Jay’s immersive, naturalistic landscape designs are based around four cornerstones: art, magic, story, and horticulture. In this episode, Jay offers insights into the ways that these elements can be incorporated into a truly personal garden space.

wide view of meadow garden with small seating area in the middle
Jay sees this modern meadow garden as a stylized version of nature where fantasy and reality collide. Photo: Danielle Sherry
meadow gardening during beginning planting phase with potted plants placed around evergreen trees
Grasses and perennials planted in large masses and punctuated with unique conifers give the meadow garden its unique appeal. Photo: courtesy of Jay Sifford
view of meadow garden covered in snow
In winter, evergreens and grasses add structure and interest to the snowy landscape. Photo: courtesy of Jay Sifford
meadow garden at its peak in summer
Another view of the meadow garden at the peak of summer. Photo: Danielle Sherry
close up of dry streambed with ferns and small grasses planted around
A dry streambed designed to manage stormwater doubles as a dynamic visual element. Photo: Danielle Sherry
gravel path leading to patio and gardens
Gravel pathways were the perfect solution for this pet-friendly landscape. Photo: courtesy of Jay Sifford
overhead view of garden at dusk with creative blue lighting
Every garden design that Jay creates includes a little bit of magic. Photo: courtesy of Jay Sifford

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