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Snake plants are some of the toughest, most durable, and easiest plants to care for as indoor houseplants. Large specimens can be quite impressive. Previously classified as Sansevieria, they are now part of the Dracaena family. Curious why Sansevieria is now called Dracaena?

There are several popular varieties you will find at the big box stores. Name like Trifasciata, Cylindrica, Golden Hahni, Zeylanica, and Moonshine.

Someone with an odd sense of humor christened this plant “Mother-In-Law’s Tongue,” referring to the sharp, “tongue”-like leaves. The somewhat snake-like leaves markings the more commonly used name of “Snake Plant.” Learn more about caring for Snake Plants here.

As a plant collector at heart, I am always fascinated by finding variations and unique plant varieties. Below, we share 30+ unique snake plant varieties to grow and collect.

#1 – Rosette Grower With Yellow Leaves And Green Stripes

rosette pattern plant with yellow and light green horizontal stripes on leavesPin
Photo Credit: Instagram @special_flowers_f

A beautiful-looking Dracaena snake plant! Wide leaves with yellow and light green horizontal stripes form a lovely rosette pattern. Notice the brown color along the leaf margins and pointed tips.

There are about 60 species of Sansevieria or Dracaena, most of them from dry areas of Africa. Their succulent leaves allow them to live in these arid areas without water for long periods. Too much water can lead to root rot.

#2 – Upright Grower With a “Sprayed On” Color Pattern

Upright growing snake plant with a mottled green with soft white leaf color.Pin
Photo Credit: Instagram @valleyviewgardens

A tall, upright cultivar (possibly the variety ‘Sayuri’) with the traditional zebra-like pattern adorning its elongated leaves. Contrasting bands of silver-gray and dark green stripes look almost “sprayed on,” creating a beautiful display!

#3 – Spear-Like Plant With Cylindrical Leaves

upright growing snake plant with stiff cylindrical leaves and silver and dark green stripesPin
Photo Credit: Instagram @plantznthings

Growing upright, this exquisite specimen showcases a rosette of stiff cylindrical leaves with silver and dark green striping and pointed tips. Big plant in a small pot!

You can also see small, white, or cream-colored fragrant flowers on a tall flower stalk, adding a captivating appearance!

Snake plants can unexpectedly produce a delicate spray of greenish-white flowers from the center of the leaf clusters. The blooms may go unnoticed until, one day, the house is filled with its fragrance.

Do you want to make your snake plant flower? Stimulate it with neglect!

#4 – Curved Variegated Leaves and Mottled Yellow

Yellow mottled snake plant with elongated and curved leaves growing in a fan-like habitPin
Photo Credit: Instagram @sansevieriasg

A unique-looking snake plant variety with green foliage (sometimes) with striking yellow variegation. The elongated, curved leaves with pointed tips have a graceful growth fanning out to create a striking presence!

Sansevieria doesn’t require lots of fertilizer, but if you do feed your plants, here is the fertilizer we recommend.

#5 – Flower-Looking With Distinctive Variegation

Rosette pattern plant with marbling of pale green and soft yellowPin
Photo Credit: Instagram @sansevieria.co

As you look at the leaves of this stunner, you’ll notice that each one has a distinctive variegation pattern, not to mention that it quite looks like a flower!

Some leaves display bold strokes of dark green, while others showcase delicate marbling of pale green and soft yellow. Its pointed tips, sleek edges, and glossy texture create a graceful architectural form!

Snake plants will tolerate a lot of neglect and will grow in dark spots where other plants don’t survive.

#6 – Rich Green Foliage Plant With Bold Streaks Of Silver

Upright growing snake plant with silvery hue and a mottled greenPin
Photo Credit: Instagram @architjain.1292

This remarkable snake plant cultivar boasts a silvery hue and a smooth, glossy surface, enhancing the visual appeal. Whether placed in a modern, minimalist pot or a decorative planter, this plant will definitely make any space come alive. More about the best pot for snake plants here.

#7 – Pointed Blades With Intricate Patterns And Fiery Colors

A striking succulent plant with thick and rigid leaves and has a vibrant green and yellow variegationPin
Sansevieria hybrid “Dancing Fire” | Photo Credit: Instagram @wahyu_tgr

A marvel to look at that definitely steals the spotlight with foliage resembling a lively dance of flames.Leaves with shades of deep green, red, vibrant orange, and glowing yellow blend together like a flickering bonfire!The dramatic leaf patterns look like the fiery brushstrokes of a passionate artist. A living artwork that’s impossible to ignore!

#8 – Rosette-like Plant With Distinctive Coloration

A stunning snake plant with thick, fleshy, leaves that grow in a rosette-like formation and has bands of greenPin
Photo Credit: Instagram @shouchikuen.bl

Here’s another showstopper! Its thick, fleshy leaves grow in a rosette-like formation and resemble a snake’s upward movement! Lhe leaves are a radiant green shade and adorned with striking bands of light green; some have wider, bolder bands, while others may have thinner and more delicate stripes.

This visually striking plant will definitely spark conversation and add a touch of wild beauty to any space!

Dry air and temperature fluctuations, usually a problem for most house plants, don’t bother Snake Plant at all. They can tolerate sun and dense shade, both indoors and out. Here’s our full guide to Snake Plant Light Requirements

#9 – Cluster Of Leafy Funnels With Radiant Golden Hues

Upright growing plant with gradient variations of gold yellow and green center on leavesPin
Sansevieria Trifasciata Golden Banner | Photo Credit: Instagram @junacactus_

The snake plant stands tall with its striking foliage that showcases contrasting shades of golden yellow along the margins of the wide, tapered green leaves. Perfect snake plant to divide and split.

Whether placed as a solo centerpiece or added to a lush plant arrangement, this plant will truly captivate you!

#10 – Slightly Outward Grower With Intricate Variegation Pattern

Outward grower snake plant with intricate lines and streaks of yellow and cream on green leavesPin
Photo Credit: Instagram @special_flowers_f

Here’s another visual delight for gardeners out there! You’ll notice how the leaves emerge from the plant base and gracefully arch outward as if reaching for the sunlight.

Each leaf is long and slender, with pale green stripes appearing like brushstrokes. This makes the yellow and cream-colored patches stand out while creating a sense of movement and variation!

#11 – Fleshy, Cylindrical Shape Leaves With Vibrant Green Shades

Striking succulent boasting a thick, robust, upward-reaching leaves with a mix of vibrant shades of greenPin
Photo Credit: Instagram @sahabatkaktuscimahi

A charismatic succulent will definitely leave you in awe!Boasting thick, robust leaves with a distinct cylindrical shape that sets it apart from other Sansevieria varieties.The leaves feature a mix of vibrant shades of green, ranging from lighter tones to deeper, more intense hues.The leaves emerge in a graceful arch, curving upwards towards the sky, creating a visually interesting appearance that catches the eye!

#12 – Striking Fin-Shaped Leaves With Variegation

sturdy snake plant with leaves that broad, sturdy, and fan out like whale or shark fin and features shades of green and yellow stripesPin
Sansevieria Masoniana | Photo Credit: Instagram @the_xericpost

A stunner, this cultivar showcases gracefully arching outward leaves, creating an elegant fan-like display. Looking closely, the leaves resemble the majestic fins of a whale or shark fin slicing through the water’s surface with its broad and sturdy build.

It also boasts a gorgeous range of green hues, from lighter shades of chartreuse to deeper, richer tones of olive! This definitely makes a perfect centerpiece in any room or setting. Some varieties of Sansevieria have yellow striping in the leaves. If your plant is turning yellow and soft read this article.

#13 – Elongated Shaped Leaves With Intricate Marbling Pattern

elongated shape plant with an arching habit and features a rich green, tinged with hints of yellowPin
Photo Credit: Instagram @sakerasanse

This plant flaunts an elongated shape of leaves that gracefully curve outward from a central point. Adorned with an intricate marbling pattern of shades of rich green, tinged with hints of yellow. The marbling pattern resembles the delicate strokes of an artist’s brush. These plants have few pests problems. For pests on Sansevieria we recommend Neem oil.

#14 – Upright Grower With Yellow-Green Leaves and White Bands

upright grower with radiant golden yellow leaves and soft bands of horizontal white and vertical green stripes.Pin
Futura Gold | Photo Credit: Instagram @hari_s.e.g

What a mesmerizing plant! This snake plant features leaves with a radiant golden hue with soft bands of horizontal white and vertical green stripes.

Its upright growth and glossy appearance also make it an excellent statement piece to brighten up any room!

#15 – Arching Plant With Silver-Green Leaves And Darker Green Markings

Archinfg plant with sleek texture, silver-green leaves, and darker green marblingPin
Photo Credit: Instagram @daniflora13

Here’s another beauty that’ll truly enchant you! This cultivar features a stunning shade of pale silvery-green with delicate, darker green marblings that resemble the moon’s glow!

The plant’s sleek texture and arching growth habit also add to the elegance and beauty it brings!

#16 – Rosette Shaped Plant With Green and Silvery streaks

Rosette shaped snake plant with compact and symmetrical growth habit and varied coloration of deep green and silvery mintPin
Photo Credit: Instagram @sakerasanse

Another exquisite beauty! The plant forms a neat rosette shape, with each leaf featuring shades of deep, velvety green and a mix of lighter greens and silvery mint towards the tips. The dynamic coloration and pattern add texture and elegance to the plant’s aesthetic. The streaks and bands along the leaves bring a sense of movement and life to the plant!

Being a popular houseplant and around pets, have you ever wondered if Snake Plants are Poisonous Or Toxic To Dogs and what about cats?

#17 – Upright Grower With Whale Fin-Like Leaves and Verdant Color Palette

Upright grower with tall, broad leaves resembling the whale's fin and a varied coloration of deep emerald to lighter hues that looks like a whale's skinPin
Photo Credit: Instagram @curated_craftsmanila

Here’s a plant that’s truly a feast for the eyes! The plant’s tall, broad leaves stand proudly upright, creating a sense of movement.

Each leaf is adorned with a lovely pattern of swirling lines crisscrossing and showcases various shades of green, from deep emeralds to lighter hues.

Notice how the leaves look like the whale’s fin as they emerge from the deep blue, and their coloration also resembles the whale skin’s texture!

Captivated by this snake plant? Try growing whalefin Sansevieria masoniana!

#18 – Upright Grower With Elongated-Shaped Leaves And Variegation Pattern

upright grower with tall and broad leaves with deep emerald to vibrant lime stripesPin
Photo Credit: Instagram @special_flowers_f

Here’s a variegated ‘Masoniana’ variety for your collection! Elegantly elongated wide leaves tapering to a pointed tip. Deep emerald to vibrant lime variegation with a glossy sheen adds to the allure of the plant! A showstopper and a good reason they are being propagated. More on propagating Snake Plants here.

#19 – Smooth Curved Leaves With Green and Silver Mottling

Lush snake plant with leaves slices of watermelon and shades of deep green, with stripes of lighter greenPin
Photo Credit: Instagram @wahyu_tgr

Here’s a snake plant cultivar similar to ‘Cleopatra’ without the brown edges that’ll make an intriguing focal point in any space!

If you look closely, the leaves boast lighter green stripes with curves resembling a fresh watermelon’s rind. The leaves’ smooth and lustrous sheen also enhances the vibrance of the colors and adds elegance to the plant’s appearance. This snake plant will surely add a pop of color and a touch of whimsy to your indoor landscape!

#20 – Arching Snake Plant With Spear-Shaped Leaves And Striking Variegation

arching snake plant with spear-shaped leaves and yellow-green leavesPin
Photo Credit: Instagram @tienendang_sekar.elok_garden

This plant will truly catch your eye! Each leaf boasts a luscious shade of deep green and yellow with soft streaks of lighter green that resemble brushstrokes on a work of art.

This beautiful variegation and glossy sheen add a dynamic and lively element to the plant’s appearance of the plant.

#21 – Upright Grower With Dark Green Striations and Lines

Sansevieria Hybrid Lawang | Photo Credit: Instagram @wahyu_tgr

An exquisite beauty that exudes a warm, tropical vibe! This snake plant grows tall and upright with elongated, narrow leaves that taper to pointed tips, like spearheads.

You’ll also notice the delicate striations and lines that run horizontally and vertically with darker shades of green on the leaves and brown color along the leaf margins.

Looking for other upright growers? Check these out:

#22 – Rosette Patterned Plant With Mottled Copper and Bronze Coloration

Rosette plant with shades of deep forest green to lustrous copper tones on leaves  andPin
Sansevieria Kirkii ‘Coppertone’ | Photo Credit: Instagram @mothermoonshine

The leaves of this “snake” boast copper to bronze tones with deep forest green banding and reddish margins. The unique leaf pattern highlights these warm and earthy tones, creating a metallic look of the leaves that’s truly unique!

The elongated leaves are also stiff and upright, growing in a rosette pattern with wavy edges that create an architectural form. This plant will surely bring life to any house space!

#23 – Upright Grower With Slender, Cylindrical Leaves

Upright grower with slender, cylindrical leaves and striking light green tiger-print stripingPin
Photo Credit: Instagram @plantgroovy

Be captivated by this unparalleled beauty! This snake plant showcases slender, cylindrical leaves resembling the elegant blades of a sword. Growing upright with a graceful slight arch. Deep green, tiger-striped patterns of the cylindrical leaves can be light and dark green, yellow, and sometimes white. A good aesthetic addition to a modern interior design setting!

Tall, stiff leaves grow straight up from thick rhizomes. In the wild, the leaves can reach a height of 5′ feet, but they normally only grow to 3′-4′ feet in cultivation. At times tall Snake Plant leaves fall over. Learn the causes & prevention.

#24 – Compact Grower With Rosette-Like Pattern And Yellow-Green Colorations

Birdnest type with wide white edgesPin
Photo Credit: Instagram @verde.flora.garden

Unlike the elongated leaves of other Sansevieria varieties, this cultivar, similar to ‘Kirkii’ showcases short, stout leaves that grow in a tight and symmetrical spiral. The leaves feature dark green centers and creamy white edges. The growth pattern resembles a flower’s appearance.

Whether sitting on a windowsill, adorning a desk, or placed in a terrarium, this compact form gives the plant a charming appearance, making it an adorable addition to any indoor space. Do you know what soil is Best for Sansevieria?

#25 – Fan-Shaped Snake Plant With Stiff, Cylindrical Leaves

fan-shaped snake plant with stiff, cylindrical leaves that grow upright like the arms of a starfish and has bands of lighter green or yellow-green colors on leavesPin
Photo Credit: Instagram @hisplantdiary

This compact Sansevieria showcases fan-shaped, light green foliage with long, stiff, cylindrical leaves that grow upright from a basal rosette. The leaves resembe the arms of a starfish, similar to the popular Starfish Sansevieria.

Moreover, the leaves feature a smooth and matte texture, with dark green concentric circles from the top to the bottom of the leaf. They have a smooth and matte texture with intricate bands of lighter green or yellow-green running vertically along the leaves. If you’re into fan-shaped cylindrical leaves, you might also like the Sansevieria Boncel or Stuckyi.

#26 – Upright Grower With Cone-Like Leaves Resembling Rhino Horn

upright grower with cone-like leaves, resembling a rhino's horn and features shades of green with delicate cream or light yellow bandsPin
Photo Credit: Instagram @xiaobao85

What a show-stopping succulent!The thick, broad leaves grow upright and cone-like, resembling a rhino’s horn.Shades of green with delicate cream or light yellow bands.Glossy leaf texture adds a lustrous sheen to the foliage, adding depth and dimension to its appearance.

#27 – Cylindrical Snake Plant With Distinctive Braided Leaves

Upright grower with intertwined or braided cylindrical stems and has deep green, soft yellow, and light green striations or lines.Pin
Photo Credit: Instagram @luvequinox

Not a unique variety but definitely an intricate display of botanical artistry! The plant features long, smooth, cylindrical green leaves with deep green, soft yellow, and light green striations or lines. It also showcases cylindrical stems that intertwine and braid together.

#28 – Upright Grower With Curved Leaves And Distinct Variegation

compact and upright snake plant with slightly curved leaves with variegations of dark green, delicate bands of silver, and brown leaf marginsPin
Photo Credit: Instagram @yayan_katharo

Here’s another botanical marvel for you! This snake plant features compact and broad leaves that grow upright and slightly curve to the sides like a fan.

It resembles the Sansevieria hahnii, with its upright, squashed-down leaves.

The leaves boast vibrant variegations of dark green and delicate bands of silver with brown leaf margins.

This mesmerizing plant brings a pop of color and visual interest into any space!

#29 – Symmetrical Spiral Leaves With Golden-Yellow And Green Variegation

symmetrical spiral patterned leaves with  golden-yellow with dark and light green bandsPin
Photo Credit: Instagram @vivero_amazonia_

Another showstopper to include in your collection! The symmetrical spiral leaves of this snake plant are golden-yellow with dark and light green bands.

Each leaf also has a smooth, glossy texture that reflects light and intensifies the golden hues.

This plant truly creates a mesmerizing display that captivates anyone who sees it!

#30 – Cylindrical Shaped Snake Plant With Soft Yellow And Green Leaves

snake plant with cylindrical shape leaves and has soft yellow color, light and dark green colorPin
Photo Credit: Instagram @tienendang_sekar.elok_garde

This is another extraordinary plant you shouldn’t miss! The unique leaf structure leaves are thick and succulent, smooth, soft yellow with light green center and dark green leaf margins. I am told it is a variegated form of the popular “moonshine.” Definitely a mesmerizing botanical wonder!

#31 – Rosette Patterned Plant With Stunning Variegated Foliage

compact snake plant with rosette pattern and has yellow, white, and green variegation.Pin
Photo Credit: Instagram @spgardencenter

Here’s a stunning variegated plant guaranteed to captivate anyone who sees it!

The leaves are compact and broad, featuring a rosette pattern and tapering gracefully to a sharp point.

The edges of the leaves are adorned with dark green bands, with the delicate creamy white or yellow hues embracing the green center.

This unique pattern gives the leaves a dramatic and dynamic appearance!

Its distinctive color pattern gives the leaves a dramatic and dynamic appearance color and sets it apart from other Sansevieria varieties.

A good rule of thumb is that the less light the snake plant is in, the less frequently it needs water. It can survive no watering at all for a time. Water sparingly in winter.

Check out our article How Often To Water Snake Plants and the Signs of Underwatered Snake Plants and how to revive them. Also solutions for overwatered plants.

#32 – Fan-Shaped Grower With Tall, Robust Leaves

unique-looking snake plant with tall, fan-shaped leaves that resemble spears Pin
Photo Credit: Instagram @flowers.cactus

Here’s an exceptional, thick, tall, and robust snake plant growing outdoors. The leaves are a rich shade of green and vertical streaks of darker green shade. If you look closely, the textured leaves grow fan-shaped, creating a striking appearance like spears. Placing this plant as a focal point will grab anyone’s attention!

#33 – Upright Grower with Cylindrical Shaped Leaves And Intricate Variegation

striking snake plant with tall, cylindrical leaves and has a variegation of vibrant greens, creamy whites, and soft yellowPin
Photo Credit: Instagram @marsaflorist_bandung

Here’s another visually stunning snake plant! The leaves grow upright and tall as if reaching the sky.

The cylindrical leaves are long, thick, and adorned with a captivating variegation of vibrant greens, creamy whites, and soft yellow.

The stunning variegated foliage creates a visually stunning display of contrast and balance!

#34 – Rosette Shaped Grower With Green and Creamy White Variegation

rosette shaped snake plant with vibrant greens and creamy white variegation Pin
Photo Credit: Instagram @marsaflorist_bandung

Another beauty to gaze upon! The snake plant’s leaves are compact and form a rosette pattern. Look closely, and you’ll see how the leaves resemble a flower blooming!

The leaves are adorned with a stunning display of variegation, with vibrant greens and creamy white streaks resembling the brushstrokes of a skilled artist on a canvas! It also has a rust color along the leaf margins.

They also grow pointed tips with a gentle curvature that adds a sense of movement to the plant’s overall appearance. Looks like Samurai, a relative of Sansevieria ehrenbergii from Africa.

#35 – Rosette-Shaped Plant With Yellow and Green Center Variegation

rosette-shaped snake plant with soft yellow and green variegationPin
Photo Credit: Instagram @marsaflorist_bandung

Another stunning snake plant with a captivating allure! The rosette-shaped leaves are elongated and grow upright, with a color palette of soft yellow and rich green in the center. The leaves also taper to a pointed tip, with a rust color along the leaf margins.

This plant’s graceful form and striking variegation make it a perfect choice for any indoor or outdoor setting!

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